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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Call Me Ishmael

posted by on May 25 at 14:44 PM

New favorite hobby at Sasquatch this year: lying about your name.

The first dissembler of the weekend was a young man—who appeared to be on mushrooms—begging at the front gate for a free ticket. Somebody in the crowd happened to have one and, in exchange, wanted to know some facts about the young man’s life. He said he was a college student, studying business. (“Mostly sustainability,” he hastily added, obviously thinking business was a gauche line of study.)

Then he was asked his name. “Burn,” he lied. “Really?” somebody asked. He said it was, but you could see the lie in his eyes.

The second dissembler stumbled around backstage while Modest Mouse played, handing out flyers to some event nobody seemed to care about. He stood against a chain-link fence overlooking the gorge, and stared balefully into a plastic cup that used to contain beer.

“This place is beautiful,” he mumbled, flinging his arm gorge-wards.

Main Stage

“I work at Coachella every year, but fuck Coachella, this place is beautiful. And I’m drunk.”

He said he lived in L.A. (“right in the ‘hood”), but maintained that people in Seattle are superior to people in his hometown. “People in Seattle are just, yo—whassup?!” he said, pumping his fist laterally.

“Do you know the Professor and Justice, from Rebelz?” he asked. I said I didn’t. “They’re just like, yo—whassup.”

I asked his name. “Pancho Villa,” he lied and shambled off for another cup of beer.

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Rebelz reference FTW!

Posted by lar | May 27, 2008 1:21 PM

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