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Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 3: the Moondoggies, the Hives

posted by on May 26 at 15:17 PM

Whoever wrote in our Sasquatch guide that the Moondoggies “might be the perfect festival band” sure wasn’t far off the mark (I think it may have been Megan). Out on the grassy lawn, gorge looming, daylit, behind them, sky blue with a few fluffy clouds, the Moondoggies made more sense than I think they ever could in a Seattle bar. They sounded clear and breezy, rhodes and organ backing rootsy guitar and relaxed rhythm, vocal harmonies hanging there in the air. They had at least one major fan in one twirling girl in a red dress, who danced through their whole set; she kind of stole the show. The band should consider bringing her on for tambourine or something.

hives2.jpgHives photo by Christopher Nelson

The Hives are exactly the same as always, like a cartoon of a rock band fronted by the most adorable accent since Perfect Strangers. Either Brendan effectively shamed the band or else the Flaming Lips’ dormant UFO lighting rig hanging over the stage takes precedence (likely the latter), but the Hives did not have their giant neon sign today. Or maybe they just know how sunshine overpowers neon. In any case, the Hives’ banter is remains their most entertaining feature—sorry about all the banter here, but it’s been some good stuff; the comedy tent has some competition for its inaugural year. At one point, the singer suggested a petition for the Hives to get paid more money, since they work harder than other bands, jumping around instead of just playing some acoustic guitar. Then he decided, “Fuck it, let’s just play some more rock’n’roll.” Then: “Since we are from Sweden and you are from America, we are going to communicate with you using the oldest language known to man—the drums. Right now, the drums are telling you to jump up and down like this. I am translating them to English for you.” Later, he talked up the band’s work ethic some more: “I’m the Energizer bunny, I could do this all night. Except there are other bands playing…” At first, their songs sounded more raw and screamy than I remembered, but soon the band busted out some poppier, groovier numbers and it seemed more like the cute little garage band I recall from that (International) Noise Conspiracy tour forever ago. “Didn’t they just play this song,” my friend asked at one point. Basically, yeah.

hives1.jpgHives photo by Christopher Nelson

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"You remember what you were doing at the end of that last song? Applauding? I didn't tell you to stop."

All hail the mid-set freeze-frame move.

Posted by Fawkes | May 27, 2008 3:55 PM

I was quite charmed.

Posted by Lythea | May 28, 2008 2:05 PM

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