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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eurovision: decent songs about peace (or piss) and exquisite talent.

posted by on May 11 at 9:00 AM

Ooh, action in Eurovision land! The rehearsals have started today. For those obsessives, you can read reports of the rehearsals on All Kinds of Everything over on Livejournal. They’re Irish, so they’ll go mad over the turkey. What have I learned so far? Moldova lost their bubbles, Israel is selling man-candy and Estonia is still the same. For me, this is the highlight of my day.

But on with the previews, because otherwise we’ll never get this damned thing finished and the first Semi is just over a week from now.

We move away from Bulgaria’s (fantastic) trashy beats to an annoyingly “decent” song from Denmark. What is it with “decent songs” and their invasion of Eurovision? Why? Simon Mathews’ All Night Long (and I can’t help but sing Lionel Richie’s song over this title) reminds me of Denmarks last decent result: “I’m talking to you” by Jakob Sveistrop in 2005. From last year’s pink feathered drama queen to this, variety is a keyword in Eurovision. The problem with this is, it’s a good song. It’s a happy song, it’s sung well, the guy has charisma, he’s got self-confidence, he’s suave, nice to look at… but it doesn’t do anything for me at all. It just bores me. Still, I’m sure Simon won’t be upset that little old me doesn’t like him, knowing how my favourites usually fare at Eurovision (*cough* Bulgaria *cough*), he’s better off with me not liking him, and I’m pretty sure he’ll do well. I wonder if he’ll be bringing the band (with the actual instruments –urgh-) on stage with him, or if he’ll go for the feathered girls from his promo video (yep, Lineout taught me to watch promo videos).

Georgia’s Diana Gurtskaya goes for the age-old Eurovision classic: songs about peace (see Ein Bisschen Frieden back in 1982) She sings “Peace will come” in an effort to reassure us that things will be alright and give us hope in these troubled times. Now I know I’m a horrid person, and I’m probably hallucinating (reviewing all these songs will do that to you) but on my ipod her chorus sounds suspiciously much like “Piss will come” which –since I’m a 10-year-old at heart- amuses me to no end. Eurovision accents are the best! (… Yeah, give me a boll of yarn and I’m quiet for hours, no trouble at all.) Last year’s Georgian entry (their debut: Sopho – Visionary dream) was quite great (a lady in a red dress surrounded by sword-fighters), but this year… Urgh. I’m too cynical to believe in songs about peace. The performance of this song however –the complete ridiculousness of it- makes up for a lot. “What can we do to prevent a song about peace from turning into a bathroom-break? Oh! I know! Choreograph it to death! We’ll turn Diana from a devil into an angel (do all choreographers go to the same costume shop or something? Or did they all copy one guy who’s now extremely pissed off?) and we’ll camouflage it all with a gigantic bed-sheet. Fantastic!”
Looks like this year’s Eurovision theme is devils and angels then.

Csézy represents Hungary with the song Candlelight. The Eurovision bio calls Csézy a “young, beautiful and exquisitely talented singer” and her song “another beautiful, heartbreaking ballad”, the backing singers meanwhile are “superb background vocalists”. Seriously, who the hell writes these things? They’re a fan, that’s for sure. And seeing as this is a girl with smoky eyes singing a bombastic –ahem, heartbreaking- ballad, so am I.

Up next: Malta and Cyprus.

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Denmark is definitely boring this year. A decent song isn't really the point, is it? Especially if it's sort of a boring, generic pop song. But maybe people like that.

I vaguely remember reading that the Georgian singer is blind. So that's something. Last year the Georgian dancers had swords, and that was pretty cool.

I find Hungary a bit boring myself, but a ballad has to be really, really fantastic for me to get into it. Normally I don't like any of them.

Posted by Abby | May 11, 2008 4:05 PM

omg. abby, the moment i saw that georgian video i was like, that woman is blind, otherwise there is just no excuse for flailing your arms at nameless crowds. and notice when she walks off the sheet, she is holding the hand of one of the dancers.

well, disability = points right??!!?!?!

we'll see, the song is a bit dry though.

denmark is to boring really.

hangary. blech. ballads. yuck.

Posted by terry miller | May 12, 2008 12:09 PM

As I was watching the video I kept thinking "what the hell is she wearing those ugly sunglasses for", until I read her bio.
I could be rude and say blind singers at Eurovision are yet another of the vote grabbing mechanisms, but I won't because really, it generally doesn't work. I only remember Corinna May for Germany a few years back (also with a horrible song) and that didn't do much. Thankfully.

Posted by Griet | May 12, 2008 2:10 PM

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