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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eurovision: I get excited, you get excited too

posted by on May 13 at 9:14 AM

Tell me, what do you think about when you think of Malta? Yeah… probably nothing much, eh. But still, when you’ve had some time to think…. Try. Come on! Nothing? But … how about Gorki Park? No? Well, spying then!? Snow? No?? Seriously, you don’t? Well, then why on earth is Morena representing Malta with Vodka, a very up-tempo song about a spy running for her life in Gorki Park after decyphering a code. Or something. Or nothing. Yikes, I wish they’d just pretend to be Chinese again like they did with last year’s Vertigo (favourite lyrics: “you colour me blue, turn my passion to red, it’s feeling like I’ve become indigo”). Still, “Vodka”’s not too horrid, and the choreography should be interesting (something satanic or angelical perhaps? I hear it’s all the rage)

Cyprus sends Evdokia Kadi with Femme Fatale, a song in Greek about … well, about a femme fatale probably. There’s no way to know for sure because I don’t speak Greek, they could be singing their shopping list. It does sound quite sexy though. The Cypriots have something with French titles it seems after they sent Evridiki last year with “comme ci comme ça”. Now allow me to rant for a second about how Evridiki should’ve made it to the final. She should have, it wasn’t fair, I tell you, it wasn’t fair. And you know what, this song should make it to the final as well. I think it’s funny, it’s original, there’s a woman being adored by a bunch of –probably- gay men on their knees, there’s a clothes change and who knows, there might even be a fire/desire rhyme… only in Greek.

FYR Macedonia has always qualified from the Semi-Final and that’s not always on merit, sometimes it was (Tose Proeski –ESC 2004), sometimes it just boggled the mind (Mojot Svet -ESC 2007). They’re one of the countries that could send a farting sheep and still make the top ten. This year –despite the absence of a farting sheep (I didn’t say it was a necessity, did I)- they should do so again even though they send a “genre” (Eurovisioned pop-rap) that doesn’t usually do well at Eurovision. Tamara, Vrčak & Adrijan sing Let me love you, a song about love or sex depending on which gender is talking. But at least they’re enthusiastic about it. The whole thing looks rather messy (they’re too cool not to be messy), the “rappers” seem to forget their whole macho act once they start dancing (which is nice) and there’s a lone backing singer who apparently failed at dance class because he just stands behind the microphone looking lost. Or perhaps he’s too cool to be all choreograph-y and stuff. That’ll be it. I just hope these guys don’t do too well, because I’m not in the mood for 43 R&B/rap songs in next year’s contest. I think I’d even prefer 43 turkeys.

Portugal ends our second semi final. They’re sending Vânia Fernandes with Senhora Do Mar (Negras Águas) . A catchy title if ever I heard one. It means “lady by the sea” which makes sense once you start thinking about it. This is Bombastic Ballad number 250 and it’s another beauty. You can tell from the music and Vania’s facial expressions that this is Tragedy with a capital T. She’s miserable and it’s probably something to do with a guy. Fantastic! Portugal generally does bad at Eurovision but that’s mainly because they’ve hardly ever sent anything decent. Two recent examples? Amar (2005) and Coisas de nada (2006). For some reason there’s not a decent video clip to be found of this song, so it loses some of its power in the bad sound, but hey… if she can pull off the high notes live, she deserves a place in the final.

And that’s it for the second semi-final.
Of these 19 songs 10 will qualify to join the top 10 from the other semi and the 5 automatic qualifiers in the Grand Final. From those 25 songs the winner will be chosen. It’ll either be a Bombastic Ballad, a turkey, a political conspiracy vote or a trashy dance song -probably something to do with the devil-. I can’t wait.
Still to come: Spain, the UK, Germany, France and Serbia. Well, and the actual shows of course.

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I like Malta. Not only is Malta a micro-state, which I like, it's pretty high-energy. And about vodka. Also, they gave twelve points to the UK last year and that's hilarious.

I completely agree with you- Cyprus deserved being in the final last year. (As did Denmark. And possibly Switzerland, if only because Vampires Are Alive is still my favorite video to show to friends.) I'm going to believe that there's a fire/desire rhyme somewhere in the Greek.

FYC Macedonia's saving grace is the awful rapping.

Portugal: eh, ballads. I'm still not interested in them.

Posted by Abby | May 14, 2008 8:55 AM

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