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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eurovision: the final two.

posted by on May 17 at 9:58 AM

We’ve arrived at the last two countries:

Spain has always guaranteed an er… typically Spanish song. Sung in Spanish (quite like the French), sometimes up-tempo, a little old-fashioned. You name it. There was Mocedades in 1973 (Eres Tu –2nd place), Azucar Moreno in 1990 (Bandido – 5th place), Annabel Conde (Vuelve Conmigo – 2nd place) in 1995 and the gorgeous Beth in 2003 (Dime - 8th place). This year they’re sending Elvis. Rodolfo Chikilicuatre has an insane DIY dance routine called Baila el chiki chiki (“dance the chiki chiki” - kinda like the Macarena, but better). In case you’re wondering what he’s on about, there’s a translation and most of it its made clear by the fantastic dance routine. I’m a big fan and this should definitely keep Spain out of the bottom four.

Serbia qualified for the final by winning last year. No, I won’t plug Marija Serifovic again, but she deserved to win. And this year, they might just win the whole damn thing again. Jelena Tomasevic sings Oro, yet another folky ballad from Serbia. And, obviously, I really like this one. Zeljko Joksimovic, the writer of Oro, took part once in Eurovision (runner up in 2004 with Lane Moje), he wrote the Bosnian entry in 2006 (third place for Hari Mata Hari) and this year he’s one of the presenters of the show. In short, he’s the new Johnny Logan, a contemporary Mr Eurovision. Oro is in the same style as his previous Eurovision entries, but since I liked all of those, I don’t mind. I looked for a translation of the lyrics to find out what she’s singing about, but the lyrics might as well still be in Serbian… : “My wheat, do not sleep, kiss him, put me to sleep/ Do not break my ice, it lacks water/ Do not put salt on my wound, there are no tears” Erm. Yes. Well, whatever the lyrics, it’s obvious that once again this is Tragedy with a capital T.
And what better way to end this godforsaken Eurovision preview?

So that were all 43 participating countries.
Rehearsals are well underway in Belgrade and so far there’s been a minor Russia/Greece incident (they both use too many props for the one stagedoor), Dima Bilan re-grew his mullet, Isis Gee’s teeth are scarier than they appeared in the video, Ireland’s turkey admitted to liking both cocks and hens (whatever gets him the votes), Belgium sucks and is the frontrunner for the infamous Barbara Dex award (the award for the worst dress… well, at least then we’ll win something), Iceland and Sweden battle it out over the botox, there’s a lot of pyro (pyrotechnics are this year’s wind machines) and Finland is performing shirtless.
As to who will win, no-one knows, though Russia, the Ukraine and Croatia are hot favourites.
All will be revealed next Tuesday, Thursday and -finally- Saturday.

Coming up: tips for your very own Eurovision party.

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great work griet! that was awesome! i can't wait to see the contest final! god i hope it plays out in seattle SOMEWHERE!

spain is nearly ireland but not brash and weird enough.

Serbia? okay, but the whole thing with this comp is supposed to be great pop songs. that sounded like some soundtrack music. something you'd here at a heartfelt moment in a movie by steven speilberg (an animated movie....)

c'mon peeps lets find out where it's happenin!

Posted by terry miller | May 18, 2008 8:34 PM

oh god let it be true!!!!!

from new york times article last may:

Now, apparently, NBC has the rights to bring a version of Eurovision to the United States, with all 50 states competing. I hope they do it, but only if they keep the same voting system. It may not tell us much about the music we produce or like; but in a patchwork quilt of a country, with red versus blue states, North versus South, East Coast versus West Coast, the Midwest versus everyone — and who-knows-what going on in Texas — it may tell us a lot about what we really think of one another.

please please please baby jesus make this happen!!!!

Posted by terry miller | May 18, 2008 8:37 PM

Don't know if this helps at all but apparently they're showing it on ETVInternacional, and otherwise I'm sure some geeky geniuses should be able to show the livestream on a TV or something.

Posted by Griet | May 18, 2008 10:30 PM

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