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Monday, May 26, 2008

Lava Pit

posted by on May 26 at 13:05 PM

I got an unsolicited message from the Cactus Man this morning, and I’d like to share it with all of you.

Can I have a room in my mansion with a lava pit. I would say ” hey, would you guys like to see my lava pit?” .. and you would think of me beautiful.. and uniquely eccentric. and outside I will have a lava heated tropical lagoon.. people will say “hey, jake is having another one of his sexy parties.” and all over the world beautiful models, and young people of world power.. we will come and converse on world affairs.. and drink and do drugs.. and radiate with young sexual energy.. so good to touch.. so good to taste.. well then confess i do.. i am one of the young lustful leaders..for the knowledge of the world and the way it turns.. has molded us into vampires of intense dangerous pleasures.. oh, wow.. did you ever imagine this is what it would be like.. or is it even better then that. dancing through the night to old, old beats. with a Venezuelan princess.. see watch me my dear.. watch the way my hips swing.. and wave your arms through the air as if you were flying through the night.. and touch all of the stars.. don’t miss any of them.. take my hand.. follow me.. lets run.. her laugh is almost as beautiful as these eyes.. she giggles like a little girl i knew a long time ago.. we stop and share a brief moment of warm silence.. and she kisses me softly, and takes my heart with a smile.. ” oh..” i say.. “would you like to see my lava pit?” and then i take her heart away.. because i am beautiful.. and uniquely eccentric…………………..

Fair enough Cactus Man, fair enough.

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fuck bush!

Posted by jeff guay | May 27, 2008 8:31 PM

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