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Monday, May 5, 2008

Shady ladies, nomads in the night, and you’re in my ass.

posted by on May 5 at 10:57 AM

On we go to Ukraine where a lady called Ani Lorak sings a song called Shady Lady. Now if there’s anything the Ukranians know how to do, it’s sending sexy ladies with original choreographies. Just think of Ruslana (winner 2004), Tina Karoll (ESC 2006) or er.. Verka Serduchka. This year’s entry is no exception. Ani is surrounded by backing dancers in adventurous outfits and make up. II admire men who can do the splits, and I keep wanting to send her dancers on a kind of exchange project to Iceland or Azerbaijan. I think they’d fit right in there.

Now with a title like “Nomads in the night” (for some reason I can’t help but hum “strangers in the night, doo doo doo doo”) you’re pretty sure you won’t be heading for a happy go-lucky clap along kinda thing, aren’t you. Lithuania sends Jeronimas Milus and good god, look at those lyrics: “This hollow day, like day before I walk through thousand smiles
And try to find the look that heals all wounds inside/ But still I’m here at the world’s edge falling like stone to you/ Shining so high, alone – like me”
. Er. Yes. Lyrics like these are of course part of the charm of Eurovision, and -let’s face it- half the contestants singing in English haven’t got a clue what exactly they’re singing about. Anyway, Nomads in the night is –as expected- a bombastic piece of music sung by a guy who seems to have taken wardrobe tips from a vampire.Vampires were last year’s theme, Lithuania. Still, the guy can sing and this is one of those songs which will divide fans: those who think it’s a decent well-sung moving song, and those who think it’s a piece of utter drivel. Take your pick.

Albania brings us the second bombastic ballad in a row. I love my bombastic ballads, but two in a row is a bit much even for me. Olta Boka sings Zemrën E Lamë Peng, which apparently means “we gambled our hearts”. She’s singing in Albanian which is a pity in a way, because I still remember Anjeza Shahini in 2004 who convincingly sang “you’re in my ass, you’re in my heart” until –rumour has it- Terry Wogan told her to work on her pronounciation of “eyes”). No such hilarity this year but I think this is a bloody decent song. I do. Long live Olta! If you’re interested in other Albanian entries, I’d advise you to check out Luiz Ejlli with Zjarr e ftohte, for well… the best combination of ethnic and contemporary outfits. And a fez. Or something that looks like it.

Up next: Switzerland, Czech Republic and Belarus.

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Lithuania was horrible. that guys voice was the worst!

okay, Albania was good, and nice touch with the choir robe choreography, but what is she going to do inthe contest without the swaying blue splotch around her?

(consequently, i kept wondering what would happen if one of those people farted while bent over on with head son eachothers butts....choreography and all that hard work ruined as dancer runs of in huff with fingers pinching nose...)

Ukraine. slutty. trashy. fashion taste: impeccably "soviet". do her dancers have horns on their heads? the video didn't make that very clear. song. mid to low level terrible.

will probably win.

Posted by terry miller | May 5, 2008 12:00 PM

I'm still not sure if Lithuania is serious or not. It's just...too much, you know? And Lithuania has some oddball entries in the past. But it could also be entirely serious. I just don't know.

Ukraine knows how to craft a Eurovision entry, that's for sure.

Posted by Abby | May 5, 2008 4:49 PM

I love your view on Eurovision! :)
Check out the link and maybe come and vote for the worst song this year ;)

Posted by Lyrics Translations | May 6, 2008 9:58 AM

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