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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Big Man. Or, Excuse Me Demis, But You Have Some Lady In Your Beard

posted by on May 8 at 17:29 PM

Quite the departure from my post yesterday, but….

I love Demis Roussos’ disco tracks. I was lucky enough to come across his albums Magic and Demis Roussos, yestereday, all from the heyday of the 70’s, a very prolific time for Mr. Roussos.

His voice is so over-the-top and dramatic it’s no wonder many a Brit on holiday came home with his albums in the 70’s when leisure time and better economics finally afforded them the luxury of travel outside their own country. It must have been so exotic in comparison with their milquetoast 70’s pop.

Here is Demis doing some of his best disco tunes. I never really see this AMAZING solo cover of the track he did to help launch Vangelis’ solo career, “Let It Happen”, around. It is totally incredible. It sounds completely modern. This is the best version of this song.

Check out the cover art for Demis’ self-titled album. The ladies in his beard are a brilliant touch!

I think he needs a shave. He’s got something growing in there….

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