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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back

posted by on May 28 at 9:33 AM

It’s always fun when you play something, and another DJ comes up to you with that muso-grin and exclaims, “What is that track?!?!?” This happened a couple of weeks ago, when I played the following track by The Pointer Sisters.

The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit)

Gene Balk from The Emerald City Soul Club. came up and asked me for all the info I knew about the edit. He was amazed at how much energy it had. After telling him everything I knew about it, mainly that I bought it purely on the basis of it being a Pilooski edit (and I loves me some Pilooski!) and that it was by The Pointer Sisters (duh! of course he already knew that!), but that I’d never heard it before I bought the re-edit. So it had to be rare, as it wasn’t on any of my early Pointer Sisters albums.

Gene, then, became the font of information for me. He told me it was originally a b-side to an early single on Atlantic, “Destination No More Heartache”, from 1972, that really went nowhere for the sisters. Meant to capitalize on the Northern Soul craze, it didn’t garner many fans at the time. In 1975, though, the northern soulies re-discovered the b-side, “Send Him Back”. It was even played in the legendary Wigan Casino soul night by Russ Winstanley and Richard Searling where it appears it went as high as 17 before falling to 19, and one would imagine, falling off the charts all together.

Needless to say, because of its original un-popularity, the single is rare. A copy sold in the middle of may on Ebay for $40. Most likely its a bootleg copy, as an original would sell for around $200. I couldn’t find any copies on Gemm at all.

But hey, you guys are all so lucky, ‘cause Gene was nice enough to share it with all of us!

The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back

Tonight, STUDIO at HAVANA is gonna be a little different. Mainly because Monsieur American Athlete is in gay Paris! That leaves just me and our guest the aforementioned Gene Balk.

Gene is awesome! He has a great collection of records, and on the nights he DJs STUDIO he brings stuff that he usually doesn’t get to play at the Soul Club nights, mainly the early proto-disco from the late-‘60’s/early ‘70’s. It meshes beautifully into the later era disco that both TJ and I play during the night.

So join us!

Send my baby back!

Tralla Tralla Boom Boom!

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