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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The ubergaying of Eurovision: Iceland and Sweden! Oh, and Turkey.

posted by on May 3 at 9:03 AM

The second semi-final of Eurovision starts with the amazing, glittery Iceland (Euroband) with the gayest anthem of the contest: This is My life! With a title like that, what else could this song be like? Pall Oskar was involved in the making of this, which is also more than enough to have me jump up and down in excitement. Who’s Pall Oskar? Pall Oskar is the first out gay performer at Eurovision back in 1997, when he took part for Iceland with four latex-clad ladies, a white leather sofa and lots of eyeliner. Because the voting was still done by juries then (as opposed to televoting) and there was a live orchestra instead of a bass-filled backing track, Minn Hinsti Dans got very few votes, but his performance is a classic. Check it out here (and discover how sexy Icelandic is). Iceland may well be one of the gayest Eurovision countries out there, at least judging by the national preselection they had. Also competing was “The Wiggle Wiggle song” by Haffi Haff, whose performance might have even been a tad more fabulous than that of Eurobandid. Iceland is one of my favourite countries in this contest. I just hope they make the choreography a little more dynamic, though they deserve credit for the mini-clothes change in the beginning.

And here’s another Euro-stomper: Sweden’s Charlotte Perelli with Hero. Charlotte Nilsson (as she was then called) won Eurovision in 1999 with the very Abba-sounding “Take me to your heaven”. Kinda like Carola (another Swede who took part three times so far: Watch Carola getting more (1983 – 3rd) and more (1991 – winner) botoxed and Born-Again-Christianed (2006 -5th)), she can’t get enough of Eurovision and decided to take her chances again. Even without the introduction you should be able to tell straightaway that this is a Swedish Eurovision entry. It ticks all the boxes: blonde pretty ladies (though Charlotte looks a bit scary), an Abba dance routine, the typical Swedish Eurobeat and look, they’ve even recycled Carola’s windmachine yet again! Another hit in gay clubs and a definite candidate for the final, without a doubt.

Turkey sends Mor ve Ötesi with Deli, thus ending our gay invasion of Eurovision for now. Though the lead singer is definitely nice enough to look at, so the fun is not totally ruined. We’re back into the regions of rock, without a feather boa or backing dancer in sight and –even worse- real instruments on stage. I’m meant to write a review of this song and they give me no material, whatsoever. Right, back into the history books then. Turkey’s last rock entry was Athena with For Real who came fourth in 2004. The year before that, Turkey won for the first time in their Eurovision career when Sertab (the Turkish Madonna) and her harem of German backing singers/dancers narrowly beat Belgium (the nerve!) with “Everyway that I can”. Certain parts of that performance still make me grin like an idiot. Not that I need much, but still. So yes, this year’s entry. Well, seeing as it’s Turkey, they’ll definitely make it to the final, so in case you’ve not lusted after the lead singer enough in the semi, you’ll get a chance to do so again in the final. Every cloud has a silver lining, no?

Next up: Ukraine, Albania and Lithuania

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Oh, Iceland. I was so disappointed in them last year, after their 2006 gem- although I wasn't surprised considering the backlash on that one. Although considering the tone of the entries this year I think Sylvia was just ahead of the curve. This year looks to be rectifying it a little, I'm hoping for a massive glittery performance. (It's also another one you should check out the promo video for, it's pretty inspired and even gayer.)

I like Charlotte's glittery microphone. My friend Jason, who of all my gay friends actually has the stereotypical gay music tastes, thinks she's great.

Turkey's is kind of blah, I agree. I hope 'Deli' means something different in Turkish than it does in English. Or not. Now I'm hungry.

Posted by Abby | May 3, 2008 3:26 PM

I don't agree, I think Iceland sounds totally generic. However, Turkey has a very unique and interesting sound.

Posted by ok | May 3, 2008 11:49 PM

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