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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weirdest Thing at Sasquatch

posted by on May 26 at 20:57 PM

On the ground outside the main entrance to the comedy tent just before Reggie Watts’ mid-afternoon Sunday performance: a pair of discarded latex gloves. On the floor inside the comedy tent directly after Reggie Watts’ performance: a used condom.

Further, unrelated (?) weirdness during Reggie’s set: a man wearing only a pair of hibiscus-print board shorts who knelt in front of a low-lying air conditioning unit and played ecstatic air guitar, his long curly blond hair flowing back in the artificial wind. He was sunburned and sweaty; no one’s ever been happier to locate an air conditioner. He was silent (as befits air guitar) except for one sudden, wordless bellow.

As for Reggie, he’s achieving the kind of escape trajectory from the conventions of comedy that is rare. He’s absurd and foul and fantastical and compelling; what he does feels like a crucial form of entertainment that he alone has struck upon and he alone is capable of. (Guitar is not involved.) The woman in front of me who kept turning to her guy-person to look pointedly appalled during Reggie’s song about a shit-fuck stack only made it funnier (as did the guy’s refusal to do anything but look highly amused). Note to the guy: Break up with her now. If she cannot grasp the genius of Reggie Watts, she’s only going to drag you down.

reggiewatts.jpgMr. Watts onstage at Sasquatch (photo by Victoria Lahti)

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