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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tonight on Flotation Device

posted by on May 4 at 16:35 PM

An audio companion to The Score this week: Music from the Analog America compilation out on (noise|order), a hilarious sonic treasure trove of found answering machine cassettes. I’ll air the Fellini-esque Prayer For One Galiola by sound voyager Arsenije Jovanovic (pictured below); some fidgety, twittering guitar strumming from Marc Manning’s A Skeleton, Soon and Then Forever; and a track or two from the new Aphonia Recordings compilation [ mm viii : #i ].

Arsenije Jovanovic

Also in the mix: Frank Rothkamm, electronic music pioneer (and Dr. Who sound guru) Daphne Oram, Pea Soup, a lovely feedback piece by Nicolas Collins, and Catherine Christer Hennix, who was a student of the legendary La Monte Young in the 1970s.

Catch the on-line stream or tune in to KBCS 91.3 FM from 10 pm to midnight.

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