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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cool In The Pool

posted by on June 12 at 19:06 PM


The sun is finally out. Wow. I’m blinded.

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to get rid of my winter spring blahs with the use of the website Cool In The Pool. Haven’t heard of it? Well head on over. The deceptively simple site specialises in mixes of Balearic and Nouveau Disco that are so sunny as to tan you even while working out inside your apartment building basement gym. That bright.

I am hooked on all three of Eskimo artist Peter Visti’s mixes which kill me every time. My favorite one, titled Balearic Monday, goes from Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” into Bryan Ferry’s “Don’t Stop The Dance” with a brief stop in between for some rare John Forde “Don’t You Know Who Did It”.

Visti’s vision of sunny beaches not your taste? Try out the new Eskimo Records wonderkid Aeroplane’s mix which had me walking straight into Everyday Music today to look for a DFA record, Holy Ghost’s “Hold Me”, I hadn’t heard before (I don’t buy a lot of “new” music). All nouveau straight through it’s as good as a sun lamp for the mild Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferer.

But wait! There’s more! Max Essa, Phil Mison, Rong’s Mudd, Coyote, Richard Sen of Bronx Dogs, and Garth from SF’s Wicked crew! Yes. Garth the man who raved us all in our twenties lays down a killer sunny disco set!

All for free. All for Download. All for the good of mankind.

Then there’s the Downloads page where you can update your collection of classic balearic disco and rock with the likes of ELO, Double, The Human League, Kaos, When In Rome…. A goldmine of feel-good classics of beach rock and disco.

This site has entertained me for hours this week so I’m passing it on to you friends.

Put your toes in the water and relax.

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