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Friday, June 13, 2008

re: Friday the 13th - Ch Ch Ch, Ah Ah Ah

posted by on June 13 at 13:41 PM

Harry Manfredini is the dude who composed the famous and chilling Friday the 13th movie score with the “Ch ch ch, ah ah ah.” Anyone who has been camping or been outside at night has performed their own version of “Ch ch ch, ah ah ah.” Listen – here. Manfredini doesn’t look that evil though.


Apparently there’s been some misconception about the famous and chilling “Ch ch ch , ah ah ah.” Manfredini has this to say (via

There was one scene where there was a close-up of Jason’s mother’s mouth going, ‘Kill her mommy,’ and then all at once it switched to little Jason’s voice saying, ‘Kill her, mommy.’ That’s the thing that gave me the idea. Most people think I’m going, ‘Chh, chh, chh,’ but I’m saying the letter k and the letter m - ‘ki’ for ‘kill’ and ‘ma’ for ‘mommy,’ see? Then I used some various voice processing. That’s actually me making that sound into a microphone.

I guess there is another Friday the 13th movie slated to come out next year. Sweet.

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