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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Black Moustache

posted by on July 2 at 11:08 AM

Prins Thomas

A couple of years back, Black Joy released a 12-inch single featuring a couple of Prins Thomas edit’s of their single “Moustache”. When it came out I really enjoyed it, as do I with most of Thomas’s edits, however recently have had a new found love for the track. I played it out a couple of weeks back just figuring to change it up a bit, however half way through the song I realized how amazing this song and edit is. I love when you listen to songs you hadn’t heard for a while and discover a new found enjoyment, as if you’d heard it for the first time. Anyways, it’s becoming a regular weekly Wednesday night cut at Studio! and a personal all-time favorite of mine. The 12-inch single, which actually features two different Prins Thomas edits was released by the house music label NRK back in 2006. I tend to prefer the A-side ‘diskomiks’ over the more dubby B side, however both edits are amazing. Overall, if you don’t have this record, I highly recommend picking it up. The song makes a nice bridge between disco and house music lovers.

Download Prins Thomas’ Diskomiks of Black Joy’s “Moustache” by visiting this site.

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