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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Block Party Big Fun

posted by on July 26 at 14:54 PM

Girl Talk @ Capitol Hill Block Party, 7/25/2008I spent my Block Party Friday surrounded by some of the wildest crowds I’ve ever seen at the CHBP. I’ve even got an ache in my knee from just trying to stay upright.

Truckasauras delivered another tight set to a packed house at King Cobra. I feel like I praise these dudes all the damn time, but they’re worth every compliment I can give them, and it’s always fun to see new crowds get into them. Grandy’s already mentioned the Tacocat show, which was indeed a good time, and the Cha Cha was a good venue for the show.

Video from Tacocat

The first bout with anarchy came with Girl Talk. I decided I wanted to be right in the thick of things, so I worked my way to the front and middle of the crowd - holy shit. I spent all day wondering why Girl Talk was so early, but I’m convinced that someone would have died had that show been later (after people had had a few more drinks). As it was, the crowd constantly surged, jumped and danced, an absolute explosion of energy complete with bodies being passed overhead, causing one girl in front of me to pass out entirely. Holy hell, that was as fun as it was hard to keep your footing. I can’t stand listening to Girl Talk’s albums, but damn does he make for a fun party.

Video from the crowd

Mika Miko @ Capitol Hill Block Party 'Secret' Show, 7/25/2008Other than some time at The Pleasureboaters (more well-deserved crowd craziness), I spent the bulk of the night at the aforementioned “secret” show. The crowd was relatively calm for openers Talbot Tagora, but by the time Abe Vigoda, Mika Miko and No Age came on, everyone was ready to let loose, even in the already hot, humid basement space. All of the bands seemed genuine in their appreciation for the show and the space, and why wouldn’t they be? They had a devoted crowd, with plenty of crowdsurfing, crowd interaction (No Age’s guitarist crowdsurfed while playing), and a sincere outpouring of energy, with smiles all around. I’m not much of a mosher, but even I was fine in dealing with being pushed around.

Video from Pleasureboaters
Video from Abe Vigoda

It was a buzzkill to leave that party and head to Neumos for the afterparty. Where Girl Talk and the “secret” show were bursting at the seams with enthusiasm, the party at Neumos seemed incredibly perfunctory. Maybe people were tired from all of the other music, or they just weren’t drunk enough yet, but the drop in energy level meant I couldn’t stand to stay more than a few minutes before making the trek home. Maybe it got better, but I doubt it reached the same level of insanity. Perhaps Chromeo tonight will do a better job keeping the party going.

More of my pics.

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I tried to go the afterparty but they were full at midnight and not letting people in. Music sounded awesome from outside. Maybe you are just old Donte, it looked like everyone else was having fun.

Posted by Party Time! | July 26, 2008 4:33 PM

i stopped by the afterparty after one and got in no problem. and nope, that "fun" paled in comparison to what i'd already experienced, independent of my age. i may be thirty, but i can keep up with the best of them.

Posted by donte | July 26, 2008 4:56 PM

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