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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disco, Not Disco

posted by on July 22 at 16:45 PM

I know TJ’s got the disco beat covered around these parts, but I just wanted to put in some short mentions of some disco-esque albums that I’ve had in rotation lately. Put these in your download queue, your wish list, or your torrent search site of choice, they’re all worth your time, modern updates to the disco sound.

Studio - Yearbook 2
The followup to last year’s West Coast (and Yearbook 1), Yearbook 2 is another compilation from the Swedish duo. While Yearbook 1 was a compilation of original productions, Yearbook 2 is a compilation of remixes, including tracks by Kylie Minogue and fellow Swedes the Shout Out Louds. Because the tracks are all remakes, it isn’t quite as cohesive as their earlier compilations, but for me it’s somehow more listenable, either because the additional vocals ground the songs in more traditional pop territory or because I listened to West Coast so much I just need a new fix. The former is most evident with the Shout Out Louds “Impossible,” the album’s easy standout, which optimistically turns the chorus of “impossible” into “it’s possible.” It’s the kind of song (and the kind of album) that makes bad days better (except for the Kylie track, which I skip more often than not).

Here’s the video:

(Note - this one’s going to be pricey since it’s only an import, but it’s so very very worth it.)

The other two albums after the jump:
LindstrÝm - Where You Go I Go Too
Black Devil Disco Club - Eight Oh Eight

LindstrÝm - Where You Go I Go Too
Taking the cake for longest tracks out of this bunch, LindstrÝm’s latest has only three tracks, the shortest just over ten minutes in length, the longest approaching a half-hour, self-described as “perfect for a long walk with headphones or when traveling by train or airplane.” There’s certainly no concession to typical pop brevity, but it works here, giving PLENTY of breathing room for the tracks to grow, living up to their “space disco” description. It’s a non-cheesy soundtrack to a cheesy eighties movie - music that begs for a montage. I hadn’t heard LindstrÝm’s work prior to this, but it’s definitely time to go searching through his remixes and collaborations.

Lindstrom - “I Feel Space”

Black Devil Disco Club - Eight Oh Eight
The mythology around Black Devil Disco Club is as fascinating as the music itself. In 2004 Rephlex release Black Devil’s Disco Club, presented as an italo disco reissue. It sounded too modern for its purported 1978 origins, so people questioned the story, eventually finding the album to be the work of French producer Bernard Fevre, who won’t confirm the story of Disco Club or provide details on the follow-up, 28 After, released “28 years after” the original. Now there’s this album, the third in the Black Devil Cosmic trilogy. If all that controversy isn’t enough to make you intrigued enough, I don’t know what I could say that will. It’s dark and sterile, the musical child of Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk if it was prone to wearing a lot of eyeliner (Sprockets anyone?).

Black Devil Disco Club - “Coach Me” (from the reissue)

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Great 'New' Disco! I couldn't agree more. I would also recommend checking out Studio's "Life is a Beach" 12-inch with remixes by Prins Thomas and Todd Terje. Great Post!

Posted by TJ | July 23, 2008 10:22 AM

idm rule #14: never believe a rephlex press release.

Posted by cosby | July 23, 2008 11:13 AM

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