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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Farm Pasture Shindig on Bainbridge

posted by on July 3 at 22:06 PM

bainbridge.jpgThere’s a 2-day Farm Pasture Shindig on Bainbridge Island this Saturday and Sunday - July 5th and 6th.

They need amps, a drum kit, and P.A. They will provide the BBQ, Beer, and etc.

John Foss writes:

Come to Braindamage Island. We are going to bring the gear over in as few vehicles as possible. A bus will pick-up walk on passengers at the Ferry Terminal in Winslow. Walk-on ferry fare is $8 bucks on the way over, and free on the way back, all the rest of the Mini-Woodstock is free———-Camping, etc.

This is going to be unbridled rock-n-roll in its natural state.

Massive Psychedelic Improvisational Rock and Roll.

Email John at ballardblarg (at) yahoo (dot) com to take part or be part.

Bainbridge also = Big Babied Grin.

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