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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Girl Talk

posted by on July 26 at 12:40 PM

GirlTalk_PiperCarr_CitizenImage05.jpg Girl Talk photo by Piper Carr

Dear god, Girl Talk! Damn! Kids were going nuts for this guy. From where I stood, pinned between the crowd and security and the stage and the speakers by the photo pit, shit looked nasty. After Gregg Gillis’ warmup and only a couple minutes of music, an obviously enthused but relatively orderly group of kids filed onto the stage from the side/backstage area and started whooping it up. Which is when things got nuts.

See, when there’s a crowd a couple thousand deep, and there’s enough room for a couple dozen people onstage, a funny thing happens—everybody wants to be one of those couple dozen people. Or at least enough people do that security had their hands more than full pulling down kids trying to jump and scramble from the crowd barrier to the stager. Right next to me, a girl kept trying to bribe a security guard to let her onstage—$10, $20, $50?—going so far as to wave the money in front of his face. He did not let her on stage, and, frankly, he didn’t look at all like the bribing type. There are also two types of kids who dance on stage—the type who wants to dance onstage to look cool (note: this is obvious, and not very cool looking), and the type who just want to freak the fuck out, who are just unselfconsciously overjoyed to even be there (this is a much better look).

But what was Girl Talk actually doing? Oh, you know, the usual stuff. Mixing a lot of stuff from both Night Ripper and Feed the Animals on his trusty beat-the-fuck-up looking laptop, notably looping things a time or two longer than they play out on record, so that, for instance, you got to hear Biggie Smalls rap, “Time to get paid / Blow up like the World Trade” twice instead of once. The only new moments/samples I caught before the crush of the crowd finally pushed me back into the beer garden were Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” and Hot Stylz’ “Lookin Boy,” both of which sounded just fine. Girl Talk, you so crazy!

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That girl with the $20 cracked me up; definitely barking up the wrong tree for stage access.

Posted by josh | July 26, 2008 3:44 PM

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