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Monday, July 7, 2008

“It Must Be in the Air Here….”

posted by on July 7 at 13:15 PM


I have a crush on Say Hi. But unlike most musical crushes of mine, where I can’t get enough no matter what, Say Hi’s mellow and sweet indie pop isn’t something I can listen to all the time. It has specific purposes.

For instance, Say Hi is one of my favorite things to listen to while I go for a relaxed, contemplative walk after dark. 2006’s Impeccable Blahs is a collection of love songs hidden under the guise of vampire fairy tales and they make the most sense in the shadows of the street lights. It’s cute but not dismissively so, and it’s not overbearing, so my mind can wander.

When I was fighting crippling heartache over a year ago, Imbeccable Blahs was one of the records that kept me company—it wasn’t overtly bitter, and it wasn’t too optimistic either. It is low-key. It’s playful and distracting while still having heart. Plus, there’s a song called “Snowcones and Puppies”… two of my favorite things in the whole world.

With the follow up record The Wishes and the Glitch, Say Hi to Your Mom shortened their moniker to Say Hi and they ditched the vampire theme (something like that is only good for one record anyway). Now living in Seattle (by way of Brooklyn), Say Hi starts their new album with the song “Northwestern Girls,” and unlike the band’s previous work, I can’t get enough of it… no matter the circumstance. It’s basically the only thing I’ve listened to for the past week.

It’s singer Eric Elbogen’s ode to the ladies of the Northwest. He’s smitten with their “fresh faces,” he loves that they all “seem so nice”—he has a crush on each and every one of them (us?). In the chorus he sings over and over, with part disbelief and part excitement, “It must be in the air here…” Because that’s the only way to explain how so many amazing women can exist in one place—there got to be something in the air.

I’m a Northwestern Girl. Looks like Say Hi has as much a crush on me as I do on them.

“Northwestern Girls”

“These Fangs”

“Let’s Talk About Spaceships”

Say Hi play the Vera stage at the Capitol Hill Block Party Friday, July 25th. Click here for all your Block Party info, including the full line-up and where to buy tickets.

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