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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Little Party & the Bad Business

posted by on July 27 at 11:39 AM

So, Stranger all-ages columnist Casey Catherwood has this band, Little Party and the Bad Business. They sing (and, dear god, sometimes kind of rap) songs about stuff like freeboxes, DIY, and partying too hard, and their songs are fun, athletic punk pop workouts. They’re young and awkward and funnyóCatherwood kept talking about how he didn’t feel too good, how, in fact, he felt like he had to “poo;” he also noted that all of us were in the middle of “a revolution,” as there were three new flavors of Mountain Dew or something (I’m kind of out of the soda game these days). LP&BB used to be just Catherwood and his buddy Dale Metteer on casiotones and vocals, backed by a drum machine, but recently, the band has expanded to include guitar, bass (Mark Greshowak from Talbot Tagora), and drums. It sounds a lot better this way, especially on the band’s more recent songs, where it feels like the band was able to steer things away from punk-by-numbers progressions. The rhythms are genuinely punchy, for one thing, but maybe more importantly the added instrumentation gives Catherwood more time to get away from his keyboard (he and Metteer have their little keyboards set up facing each other, like some miniature grand piano duet) and goof off. It was 2pm and there were only a couple dozen people at the Vera Stage, but Catherwood still danced in the crowd, climbed amps, hopped the fence to run around the stage, punched the monitors until his knuckles bled, and just generally screamed himself red in the face. Even with the full band, LP&BB aren’t perfectóCatherwood and Metteer are better shouters than they are singers stillóbut pretty soon I could see them playing alongside bands like the Death Set or Team Robespierre and easily holding their own.

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lpbb put on the best show i saw all weekend at block party. so much fucking energy. they are super fun and cute to boot.

Posted by hihi | July 28, 2008 3:22 PM

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