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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sing Sing: Premature Celebration

posted by on July 18 at 10:10 AM

In this week’s Up & Comings, I mistakenly referred to tonight’s Sing Sing at the War Room as its 2 Year Anniversary. In fact, the night’s anniversary is August 1st, with Spank Rock DJs Devlin & Darko. (The War Room might want to correct its calendar.) Still, tonight, the Rapture’s Mattie Safer, about whose DJ sets I can recall almost nothing, DJs (just remember all the anniversary blather for August):

A two-year anniversary might seem a little unimpressive after Sub Pop’s 20th last weekend, but Sing Sing’s is no small accomplishment. In the past two years, it’s grown from a scrappy but ambitious monthly at Havana, then Chop Suey, to a routinely slamming bimonthly War Room party with its own 12-inch, Sing Sing Breaks, out on Fools Gold. Promoter and DJ Clayton Vomero has brought to Seattle such talent as Chromeo, A-Trak, Sinden, Andrew WK, Matt & Kim, Low Budget, Flosstradamus—the list really goes on and on. For tonight’s celebration, Sing Sing is bringing in Mattie Safer of the Rapture, who has presumably spent the last year basking in the afterglow of opening for Daft Punk. I’m sure I’ve seen Safer DJ before—some afterparty?—but I can’t seem to recall a thing, which either means he’s neither memorably good or bad or that he works the party into full-on blackout mode. My best guess is the latter.

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