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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Future Conditional - We Don’t Just Disappear

posted by on July 3 at 17:00 PM

Bobby Wratten has just entered my top 5 songwriters list. Other four to be named at a later date. I’ve just started listening to some of his output as The Field Mice, Northern Picture Library and Trembling Blue Stars. Since my two favorite bands are The Smiths and New Order, I find it odd that The Field Mice were never recommended to me by either a smarty pants record store clerk or one of my friends. As a fan of Saint Etienne, I was aware of The Field Mice but hadn’t explored them beyond their original take of Lets Kiss and Make Up. I originally heard it on the Rough Trade bailout compilation A Historical Debt but preferred the St. Etienne version and didn’t bother exploring further. I recently acquired their double disc retrospective, Where’d You Learn To Kiss That Way through illegal means. I couldn’t stop listening to it for days. All 36 tracks sound like i’ve known them all my life. Instant classic. An obsession was born. I’ve since spent just under $100 buying Field Mice and Northern Picture Library CD’s around town. I’ve decided Bobby Wratten is a musical genius who’s songs are laced with equal parts wit and sadness. Actually, maybe it’s closer to 70/30 sadness/wit but that’s my preferred split anyway. I very recently purchased a 2007 album by a Piano Magic alias called Future Conditional that features members of The Wake and Nouvelle Vague as well as Bobby Wratten. The album reminds me of Wasps’ Nest by the 6ths but more electro-pop than jangle. I’m just getting into it but I can tell this is going to get multiple spins. Today has been all about the title track, We Don’t Just Disappear. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

We Dont Just Disappear - Future Conditional

Future Conditional review via

Update: Found this on the Future Conditional MySpace page. I think it explains my interest in We Don’t Just Disappear.


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