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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Loved Ones

posted by on July 27 at 14:58 PM


The Loved Ones felt like the black sheep of the weekend to me—boom-chucka-boom punk rock from Philly on the same bill as Chromeo, Girl Talk, and Vampire Weekend? Really? I’m so glad they were there, though. The Loved Ones continue to be a band best experienced in person. The records just can’t capture their humor and enthusiasm.

They play riotous pop punk with anthemic sing-a-long choruses. Their lyrics are about being drunk and broken-hearted, and singer Dave Hause delivers his poetic phrases with a worn and guttrral holler (think Hot Water Music’s Chuck Ragan). After blasting through stuff from both the old and new record, and stealing sips of beer from the audience’s bottles, they closed with “Louisiana.” On record, that songs bores me. But it’s so much fun live, when you can stomp, clap, and yell along with the repetitive lyrics “They’re pounding nails in Louisiana…”

After a fun performance like that, they weren’t out of place at all on the dance packed bill.

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