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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Throw Me the Statue

posted by on July 27 at 13:45 PM

Throw Me the Statue_CoreyBayless_CitizenImage02Throw Me the Statue photo by Corey Bayless

One bummer about Block Party—a bummer that’s endemic to any big festival, really—is that there will always be two things you want to see at exactly the same time, if not three things. So it was that I ditched out on Chromeo, who are always a treat live, after just a few songs to go watch Throw Me the Statue inside Neumo’s. Yes, they’re local, and I can see them all the time, but Throw Me the Statue’s Moonbeams is one of the best records to come out of Seattle this past year, and the band are easily in my top five or so of local acts. Scott Reitherman’s songs are clever as hell, perfectly poppy while still being lyrically somewhat abstract. And they’re a lot of fun live. (Plus, what’s going to top that completely bananas Chromeo show at the War Room?)

I had a “but if you’re here, and they’re there” moment before the band started, when I caught their now former bassist hanging out in the crowd instead of onstage. They split amicably, he says, and the new bassist brought some extra keyboards to the band, so that’s a plus. The band also had its sometimes horn section on hand for the show to add brass to songs like “Groundswell,” “Take It Or Leave It,” “Moonbeams,” and “Yucatan Gold.” There were some good signs for Throw Me the Statue last night: Neumo’s was packed, the crowd cheered at the mere soundchecking of the band’s glockenspiel, and I overheard a couple girls trying to deduce a band members’ name so they could shout it and win his attention. Also a good sign: the band played a new song, called “Parade,” which sounded perfectly radio ready (duh, their set was being broadcast live on KEXP, after all): a mid-tempo track with a big, octave-effected chorus pierced by squealing electric guitar feedback. The band isn’t perfect live—the sort of flatness that makes Reitherman’s vocals so intriguing on record doesn’t always come across right live, and he hit one off falsetto on one song—but the strength of the songs more than make up for any rough spots. Reitherman is just a phenomenal songwriter, and “About to Walk,” “Young Sensualists,” and “Lolita” (despite the fact that I can’t bear its opening couplet) remain the total fucking jams. It’s also worth mentioning that their drummer is a beast, busying his steady backbeats with aggressive little fills and flourishes (also, I think those girls might have been talking about him).

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chromeo is never a live treat. they fucking suck.

Posted by parker | July 27, 2008 10:54 PM

these kids rocked it hard live. I really want to see them again!

Posted by apollo | July 29, 2008 12:20 AM

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