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Friday, July 25, 2008

Tonight in Music: The Capitol Hill Block Party, the Watson Twins

posted by on July 25 at 9:30 AM

The Capitol Hill Block Party is tonight. Duh. Vampire Weekend, Les Savy Fav, Girl Talk, and dozens of others will play tonight. All your Block Party info is here.

But there’s some other stuff happening, should you want to avoid the crowds, the heat, the general instanity that comes with cramming tens of thousands of people in a couple blocks worth of space:

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - “Rise Up With Fists”
The Watson Twins, Tim Fite, Jen Wood
(Tractor) There is tranquility in Jen Wood’s voice. It’s a stasis. She sings, and thoughts of pastures and still lakes flash and drift. It doesn’t mean you’re going soft, she’s just that earnest. Her latest album, Finds You in Love, produced by Shawn Simmons of SUNN O))) and Brandi Carlile, finds Wood purposefully optimistic. Her band includes Tomo Nakayama of Grand Hallway, Joel Harmon of Sleepy Eyes of Death, and Wolf Carr of Wesafari. Also on the bill, the six-foot tall Kentucky-bred identical-sister Watson Twins will be harmonizing their hauntingness right into a cavity behind your heart. A cavity that is moved by magnetic and striking country-folk tinged singers. The Watson Twins float their harmonies around the room like ghosts. Don’t be afraid, they’re not ghosts, they’re just sisters. TRENT MOORMAN

Hear Jen Wood here.

Also, Eartha Kitt continues her run at Jazz Alley, Lyle Lovitt is at Chateau Ste. Michelle, the Lonely H play the Sunset with Sunday Night Blackout and the Oswald Effect, and there’s some other stuff too. See it all here.

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