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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vampire Weekend

posted by on July 26 at 13:15 PM

Vampire Weekend_CoreyBayless_CitizenImage04Vampire Weekend photo by Corey Bayless

Ah, Vampire Weekend—undoubtedly a bigger name than either Les Savy Fav or Girl Talk, but kind of a let down (or a cool off, depending on how you look at it) after those acts. Haters wanna hate, but like I said in the Block Party guide, if you write this band off because of their aesthetic affectations or cultural references or class, you’re really missing out on a damn fine pop record. There’s not a song on Vampire Weekend that doesn’t contain some great piano melody or nervous little groove or terribly catchy chorus (my favorite right now being “Walcott,” which I didn’t get to hear before leaving for Comeback—confidential to Comeback: sorry for the rough set, blame the Block Party beer gardens). But, that said, the band seem so damn small up there on that stage in front of so many people last night. Too small. Some bands’ best moments are shouts—be it Les Savy Fav’s wail or Girl Talk’s sample explosions—but Vampire Weekend’s best moments are more often than not sighs, moments where things falter and faint, and they just don’t play as well in this setting. Even their more upbeat numbers are softer and subtler and don’t necessarily play to the back of a giant crowd. Too bad, then, because I don’t imagine Vampire Weekend will be playing any smaller gigs anytime soon. Also, how supreme a wtf moment was is to have Marco Collins introduce Christine Gregoire to introduce Vampire Weekend?

Update: Listening to Vampire Weekend as I sober myself up for another day of Block Partying, I’m realizing that there were, in fact, at least a couple really great moments of their set last night, like Ezra Koenig and Rostam Batmanglij’s straining harmonizing on the bridge of “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” or that one song whose name I can’t recall (a b-side?) that’s all crazy, tumbling keys. Also, they played a brand new song, which they debuted for Seattle, they said, because KEXP was the first radio station to play them. So, nice one, KEXP.

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The name of that B-side is called Ladies of Cambridge

Posted by Josef Hinkofer | July 27, 2008 2:04 AM

i was PISSED when they revealed the tracklisting for the album and "ladies of cambridge" wasn't on it. as good as the songs that ended up making the album are, there are only like four or five songs on it that are better than "cambridge."

Posted by douglas martin | July 28, 2008 2:37 AM

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