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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Mountain?

posted by on July 9 at 15:58 PM

Let’s return to those enigmatic lines in the second section of Portrait’s post-black elegance masterpiece “Here We Go Again!”:

Climb a mountain (what mountain?)
Swim a sea (what sea?)
See what I mean? (no?)
I don`t know but I don`t want to get too deep

Let’s do it! Let’s “get too deep.” What is happening in this passage? The response to the rapper is that he sees a mountain and a sea, but this is the wrong response. It’s not a matter of seeing a mountain and sea, but doing something on the mountain and in sea: in the first he is climbing; in the second he is swimming. So, when he says: “See what I mean?,” this meaning has to do with doing something and not the thing that something is being done to. Deeper yet, this doing is not done in the world of objects but in the very opposite: a state of mind. Climbing, here, is an idea of climbing; swimming, an idea of swimming. And so what the rapper wants the other singers to grasp is the idea (or universal concept) of these activities. In conclusion, the rapper in the lovely (even heavenly) post-black elegance tune is a Platonist.

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90's r&b>>>2000's r&b

Posted by Thig Nat | July 9, 2008 8:59 PM

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