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Monday, August 18, 2008

All My Friends*

posted by on August 18 at 16:50 PM

You might have noticed that Line Out has added some new names to our Friends of Line Out blogroll over the weekend. Some introductions:

20 Jazz Funk Greats, Bristol, UK’s premiere space disco/nu italo/industrial noise/8-bit hyper rave concern.

Dip Dip Dive, the once and temporary home of Tom Breihan, formerly of Pitchfork and Village Voice blog Status Ain’t Hood, currently working on some top-secret serious business.

Last Plane to Jakarta, the online home of Mountain Goats lyricist and master of Master of Reality, John Darnielle.

Mudd Up!, the globally-minded media and musings of DJ/Rupture.

Tiny Lucky Genius aka the Unicorn’s Tear, care of Jessica Hopper, currently at work on a book, whose essay “Emo: Where the Girls Aren’t” is required reading.

The Loom of Ruin, proprietor Sam McPheeters, formerly of Born Against and Men’s Recovery Project, currently of hilarious.

Blissblog, by Simon Reynolds, author of Energy Flash (aka Generation Ecstacy), Rip it Up & Start Again, The Sex Revolts (with Joy Press), and more.

Philip Sherburne, the blog of the eponymous Portlander, DJ, and resident techno advisor to Pitchfork.

Sasha Frere-Jones, an (again eponymous) blog, consisting mostly of photos and timely links from everyone’s favorite race-baiting funky white guy, New Yorker pop music critic Sasha Frere-Jones.

Hipster Runoff, a blog whose daily satirization of “hipster” culture makes Adbusters look like tired, old (but glossy) toilet paper.

(We’ve also had to let a couple friends go, including Nick Sylvester’s blog Riff Market and the anonymous Gerard vs Bear, both of which are internet gold but have been dormant since February and April, respectively.)

We missing anyone?

*Note: these people may not actually be all my (or Line Out’s) friends.

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Posted by RFOL | August 18, 2008 5:05 PM

I heard Adbusters got payed by American Apparel for that article. FUCKED UP.

Posted by jazzy jamal | August 19, 2008 4:59 PM

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