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Thursday, August 28, 2008


posted by on August 28 at 11:25 AM


The Stranger’s official Bumbershoot guide is out today on the streets and the tubes, and as always it is a fucking throw-down. Inside, you’ll find:

A head to head chart of the career arcs of ’90s alt monsters Superchunk, Beck, Stone Temple Pilots, the Offspring, and Sweetwater.

Joan Hiller on Superchunk.

Brandon Ivers on Beck.

Sam Mickens on Final Fantasy.

Dave Segal on Darondo and Orgone.

Casey Catherwood on Dan Deacon.

Eric Grandy on the Weakerthans.

Charles Mudede on Del the Funky Homosapien.

Jeff Kirby on Monotonix.

David Schmader on Nick Thune.

Brendan Kiley on Bumbershoot’s “Mini Fringe Festival”

Mudede (again) on William Gibson

Jen Graves on the Seattle/Tehran Poster Show

Annie Wagner on Bumbershoot’s Film Shorts

A. Birch Steen on Sherman Alexia and other “Stranger-associated felons and deviants”

As well as a customizable schedule, map, and blurbs on every single act appearing at the festival.

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