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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Even Okay To Play An Entire Song

posted by on August 5 at 16:53 PM

Not to add to the copy-and-paste incest of modern blogs, but here’s a copy-and-paste piece of incest from a modern blog.

A few weeks ago, Philip Sherburne, grieving over the alleged and increasingly believed deadlock of 21st century dance music, sent out a call for fix-the-genre manifestos from DJs, producers, critics, and label-owners.

These were the best replies and they’re worth repeating.

Pheek (Archipel)
DJs are not allowed to pose for their official press-kit picture with sunglasses.

DJs must smile at least once per representation.

Clubbers will have to stop complaining that DJs/laptop artists are boring to watch. It was never meant to be entertaining. DJs are there to put music on, so if you’re more concerned about the show than the music itself, you’re simply in the wrong place.

Derek Walmsley (The Wire)
Each DJ set must have at least one moment where it stops, goes to silence for a few seconds, and then starts afresh.

Professor Genius (Thisisnotanexit)
It’s okay to play more than one minute of a record in a mix. It’s even okay to play an entire song.

Simon Reynolds
Whenever, as a producer, you feel yourself flinching a bit from using an idea or a sound or an effect, hesitating on the grounds that it’s maybe a wee bit cheesy, then I would say just to push right past that feeling and go for it. Do it twice over, even. There can never be enough monster riffs or cheap tricks in dance music; there can definitely be a surfeit of just-so subtleties.

Strategy (Community Library, Kranky)
It is not the label’s role to give people what they want — it is the label’s role to provide what people did not know that they will soon be wanting.

Peter Van Hoesen (Time To Express, Lan Muzic)
Every DJ playing out should dance for at least one hour with the same crowd he/she has been DJing for.

Finn Johannsen (Macro Recordings)
Mixing is overrated; selection is not.

Seth Troxler (Esperana, Circus Company)
Be comfortable.

Be cool.

Keep ‘em guessing.

Gamall Awad (Demon Days, Backspin Promotion)

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i'm not going to call anyone out, but i was at a club last night and it may be alright to play ONE song in its entirety, but definitely not all of the songs all the way through while switching wildly in tempo from song to song. for me, last night was like reading a book where all the sentences made sense (though were, albeit, long) but each sentence had nothing to do with the one preceding.

also, everyone from the wire needs to shut the fuck up. the whole staff needs to go on a permanent turtleneck shopping junket and never write again.

Posted by cosby | August 6, 2008 9:07 AM

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