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Sunday, August 31, 2008


posted by on August 31 at 11:27 AM

2813701099_858ea60752.jpgGrynch and D.Black by Corey Bayless

Late pass me, guys: Yesterday was the first time I caught an entire set from Grynch, who impressed the hell out of me with his guest spot with the Physics at this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party. On that big stage, from up in the beer garden on top of Fisher Pavillion, Grynch looked tiny. Tinier than usual. But he and DJ Nphared sounded plenty big. The beats were big and bass-heavy enough to rumble the lawn, and Grynch more than makes up for his slight physical stature with energy, breath, and deftness on the mic. An Eminem comparison is probably lazy and racist, but on at least one song, rapping about how he doesn’t look the part of a rapper and maybe he should try acting, Grynch’s self-aware humor and tongue-twisting punch-lines definitely reminded of that other white meat. Most of the time, though, Grynch had plenty of his own style, especially on the breezy 206 summer ode “Summertime” and the appropriately aggressive “When the Beast Comes Out,” which was like a battle rap only with no takers. Also good was a little a cappella interlude in which Grynch, in a sure-footed cadence, acknowledged his local buzz while examining his less than monumental place in the larger rap scheme of things, concluding that, in that world, he “still ain’t shit.” Has Seattle evolved its own definitive hip hop style yet? If so, that shrewd, comic self-deprecating stance (so “alt”) certainly must be a part of it.

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I say so. Seattle's rap is clever and filled with word play, and any rapper from Second Family can show us that.

Also, the ass references are kept to a gracious minimum.

Posted by rap fan | August 31, 2008 5:31 PM

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