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Friday, August 29, 2008

Juju & Jordash’s “Blue Plates”

posted by on August 29 at 11:51 AM

Last night at the Oi Vay! weekly in the Baltic Room, DJ Struggle was spinning an excellent set of unconventional deep house music to a sparse crowd. Unfortunate, but the circumstances didn’t dampen Struggle’s mood nor mar the quality of his selections.

One track in particular riveted me: Juju & Jordash’s “Blue Plates” on London’s Real Soon Records (you can hear it on the label’s MySpace). The cut exists at the hazy but fascinating nexus where cosmic disco, house, and dubstep (rarely) converge. “Blue Plates” is methodical yet sexy, meticulously detailed yet pregnant with the pleasure principle, weirdly off-kilter yet danceable. I haven’t heard much like it lately, and I’m grateful to Struggle for turning me on to Juju & Jordash and Real Soon.

Here’s a vid of J&J’s “Time Slip,” their only representation on YouTube.

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