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Monday, August 4, 2008

Seafair: Mexicans in America

posted by on August 4 at 12:59 PM


Powered Sugar: Seafair is about power. Hydroplanes, jets, cranes, Marines, and shish kabobs from the shish kabob tent. Strolling through sunny Genesee Park at the south end of Lake Washington, armed forces recruitment was in full force. Gas fumes from the boat docks wafted with the smell of fresh funnel cakes making for an unlikely but intoxicating olfactory pairing. The whole event is unlikely in a way. Where else do power and powdered sugar go so well together?


On the homestretch Villwock’s U-1 Miss Elam Plus boat hits 153 mph for the win. Rooster-tails fly by with water spray in high pitched engine hums. Paper plates with Pad-Thai bend under the wet noodle’s weight, powdered sugar from your Elephant Ear shoots up your nose, and then you accidentally sign up to be in the Navy. You report to base on Wednesday. Damn, all you wanted to do was eat and watch boats race. And maybe bounce around in the Moonwalk ride.


Seafair is host to music as well. A large stage by One Reel provided solid, all ages sound. Saturday night’s headliner was El Vez. He came out in an Uncle Sam outfit singing and dancing about his run for President. There was a full pro band complete with stereo cheerleading dominatrix backup singers. It was a fun mash of Mexican tinged hits. For example: Kim Wilde’s “We’re the Kids in America” was “Mexicans in America”. El Vez had multiple costume changes (see Leopard print with tale). The high energy song and dance was slightly more fitting than last year’s Mudhoney.


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