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Friday, August 22, 2008

Free Sheep Foundation Multimedia Throwdown in Belltown

posted by on August 22 at 15:50 PM

An event that slipped under our radar—and many others’, I’d bet—is going down tomorrow at Free Sheep Foundation at 10 pm in Belltown (2400 3rd Ave.). The lineup offers a strong sampling of Seattle’s leftfield electronic flora and fauna (Filastine, Truckasauras, DJ Naha, Scratchmaster Joe), plus the Degenerate Art Ensemble.

Enjoy Filastine’s ruptured, post-world music from this live performance in Lyon, and read the press release after the jump..

at Free Sheep Foundation 2400 3rd Ave.
a decrepit building slated for demolition with a temporary life for people like us

Transnational trunk rattle. The world (in)famous beatsmangler’s only seattle appearance in 2008.

patriotism vs analogue disco, monster trucks vs knobs & dials, all on one small stage

the Degenerate Art Ensemble in trio
Three members of Degenerate Art Ensemble will play two songs from their upcoming album

DJ Scratchmaster Joe
turntabllist dj extraordinaire

DJ Naha
with her creates of records known to cause tinnitus in the meek

plus video, installations, & other high culture shit

pay only $5-10

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