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Friday, August 15, 2008

Truckasauras at Hempfest: Duuuuuuude!

posted by on August 15 at 12:29 PM

Speaking to my dad (who has suffered enough editorial indignities without being blogged about, but still) yesterday, I mentioned how we here at the Stranger were all ass-deep in putting together our official Bumbershoot guide, and he—as enthusiastic a supporter of legalization as any European Rick Steeves is likely to meet through the back door—asked, “Why didn’t you guys publish a pull-out guide to Hempfest?”

I told him, “We forgot, maaaaan.”

In honesty, though, I usually don’t even look at the Hempfest line-up, because while I sympathize mightily with the cause, I got my fill of “serious” stoners and their festive ornaments in high school. I like my stone like I like everything else: anti-social and full of self-loathing.

But yesterday, Adam Swan of local electro wrecking crew Truckasauras told me that they were playing this year. “We’re at 4:20,” he said, “and we got the call asking us to play at 4:20, too.” He was obviously stoked. The Truck is famously fueled by booze—Swan says a Spokane booker recently threw a bottle of Maker’s in on top of their guarantee just because she knew that’s how they roll. But they’re also no enemies of the demon weed. I suggested Tyler Swan swap out the old American flag for a Jamaican flag, preferably featuring the likeness of Bob Marley, or maybe one of these. We’ll see. If anything were to get me down to Hempfest this weekend, it would be the Truck.

They’re playing at a Dancesafe-sponsored electronic stage, which will also be hosting Decibel’s Nordic Soul, Shameless’ DJ Recess, Kadeejah Streets, and many other throughout the weekend. Also possibly worth braving the cat-in-the-hat-hatted masses for: local soul sister Choklate and an installment of the ever edifying Laptop Battle. The full line-up is here.

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gonna be freak N awesome!

gets some XLR8R LOVE N...

Posted by introcut | August 15, 2008 1:56 PM

the brilliance of their videos almost overshadow their music.

Posted by kdiddy | August 17, 2008 8:44 PM

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