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Friday, August 29, 2008

What’s Happening at Bumbershoot Tomorrow?

posted by on August 29 at 12:49 PM

A weird side-effect of organizing something like the Stranger’s Bumbershoot Guide is that, though you become intimately familiar with everything that’s happening that weekend well in advance, by the time the event actually rolls around, you’ve likely forgotten everything. Thankfully, the online version of our guide has a helpful customizable schedule tool (the web 0.0 print version has a still handy grid). In just minutes, I’ve sorted my shit out, foggy editorial brain and all. So, here’s what I’m going to try to take in tomorrow (I’ve yet to decide between Estelle and the Walkmen):

Throw Me the Statue Rockstar Stage Broad Street 12:30 PM Seattle’s Throw Me the Statue seem almost too smart to be a pop band. Singer Scott Reitherman’s lyrics are frequently oblique, with choruses more often built around dense turns of phrase than simpler romantic sentiments. And yet their debut album, Moonbeams, is one of the catchiest most easily enjoyable records to come out of Seattle in a while. Their shifting live lineup (still with glockenspiel!) is scrappier than Reitherman’s mostly solo recordings, but just as stellar. ERIC GRANDY

Grynch Fisher Green Stage 2:15 PM
Local rapper Grynch recently released his second album, My Second Wind, a work that makes clear to the hiphop community that he has substance and something fresh to say. The young man can rhyme and has an honest love for the art. For him, it’s not about salary, it’s all about “not faking the funk.” CHARLES MUDEDE

The Valley EMP SFM’s Sky Church 3:30 PM
The Valley’s eardrum-flattening, screaming Sea-Tac runway velocity is hands down one of my favorite things to see live. You can call ’em grunge revivalists, but don’t front; their anticute, fuzz-laden, blue-collar bombast blows the anemic neon hordes away like the special snowflakes their home-schooler parents always told them they were. To quote Jadakiss: Fuck the frail shit. LARRY MIZELL JR.

Estelle Fisher Green Stage 5:45 PM
This British R&B singer hit it massive in England with her “American Boy,” featuring Kanye West, and her critically acclaimed album Shine (Atlantic). She’s been slower to break over here, but with Bumbershoot as the second show on a North American trek, she could reverse that in person. MICHAELANGELO MATOS

the Walkmen Rockstar Stage Broad Street 5:45 PM
NYC band the Walkmen are reverent traditionalists, paying homage to Harry Nilsson and John Lennon with a full-album remake of Pussy Cats, and otherwise, more generally, keeping the rock torch burning. The band have mellowed since the bitter burst of 2004’s breakout single “The Rat,” but band-leader Hamilton Leithauser remains a sharp, if sweetened, songwriter, backed by a band as comfortable with reclining ballads as they are with more ragged fare. ERIC GRANDY

Mono in VCF EMP SFM’s Sky Church 6:30 PM
Is there a James Bond flick where the villain’s elegant, technological wonder of a headquarters is housed deep within the core of a runaway Arctic iceberg? NO? Well, could there be one? Because Mono in VCF’s Bristol-damaged glacial psychedelia would be perfect for the theme song—listen to lead vocalist Kim Miller blowing down “No Blood in Bone” and tell me you can’t see credits rolling. LARRY MIZELL JR.

Man Man Rockstar Stage Broad Street 7:30 PM
Philly carni punks Man Man may have crafted their most upbeat and accessible album to date with 2008’s Rabbit Habits, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gotten any less weird. Their colorfully seasick shanties and blotto piano ballads are as cluttered with intriguing instrumental junk as ever, lead singer Honus Honus’s voice remains chaotically sweet and sour, and the band continue to indulge in peculiar but persuasive percussive jams and chants. Live, they make for a reliably demented circus. ERIC GRANDY

Nada Surf Starbucks Stage | Mural Amphitheatre 8:45 PM
Nada Surf’s latest album, Lucky (released on local label Barusk), is the band’s most sophisticated release to date. Its songs are filled with pretty strings, strong choruses, and gentle harmonies featuring guest stars like Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. These boys have grown up quite nicely since their goofy 1996 high-school anthem “Popular.” MEGAN SELING

!!! Fisher Green Stage 9:15 PM
I once made the mistake of taking too literally !!!’s cover of the Magnetic Fields’ “Take Ecstasy with Me” and spent a show of theirs melted into a corner of the Croc when I should have been dancing my ass off. Still, every time I properly remember seeing the band (pronounced “chk chk chk”), I’ve dutifully shaken my butt and gotten on down, as their disco-punk-funk juggernaut is just unstoppably fun. ERIC GRANDY

What’s on your list?

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exacty my dilemma.

i'd been lookin forward to estelle for a while, but then i heard the new walkmen album yesterday and was really into it. and now i dont know what to do.

weren't they on the o.c.?

i think i might really like them. i like harry nilsson, too...

but i'll probably just go to estelle and the get that walkmen album after bumbershoot.

that's what i'll probably do.

Posted by ndrwmtsn | August 29, 2008 4:56 PM

The one time I saw the Walkmen live, they made a very strong case for indie rock as the new Muzak™. They were unbelievably bland.

Posted by pete maravich's socks | August 30, 2008 11:05 AM

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