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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday Bumbershoot vs. My Money

posted by on September 2 at 13:28 PM

After spending most of Saturday and Sunday moving all of my worldly possessions halfway across town in a Volkswagen Golf, and dropping more than I had in my bank account on first, last and deposit, I arrived for the third and final day of Bumbershoot, exhausted, broke, and late. When colleague Dave Segal caught me trying to pour a cup of water from an empty water jug in the Press Room, it was time to go view some music. We agreed to walk to the Sky Church for Feral Children, and were met with a cursory line held by a security guard who continually allowed teenagers to cut in front of us. Inside the Church, Feral Children were several songs into their set. They looked somewhat anachronistic under the array of flashing and blinking lights afforded by Paul Allen. Sound quality from the side of the room was a bit sub-par, and the lights made me dizzy. Neverthless, several quality songs were witnessed before I was forced to move on.

photo by Dagmar Sieglinde

Next it was off to Arthur & Yu on the opposite side of the Center. A Mirror Pond ($7, plus a $1 tip) was much needed after bumping into approximately 37 people during the traverse. It was, of course, not nearly enough alcohol to curb such crowd-induced anxiety, but my financial situation rendered me incapable of purchasing more.

BB8%24Beer.jpgMy $8 beer two minutes after its purchase.

Arthur & Yu put on a fine set of subdued, relaxing numbers, including some new material that went well under the setting sun.

BBArthur.jpgphoto by Blush Photo

After Arthur & Yu, Mr. Segal and I stopped at the Horn of Africa stand, where he purchased a delicious iced tea ($2), and I tried a lentil Sambusa ($2), both of which were excellent and bargain-priced relative to most things in the Center during the last three days.

We then foolishly attempted to “stop by and check out Del [the Funky Homosapien] real quick.” Predictably, the Fisher Green Stage lawn was packed with droves of hip-hop fans and marijuana smoke, the combination of which rendered Del almost invisible. Our photographers clearly had a better view:

BBDel.jpgphoto by Blush Photo

Due to the aforementioned lack of view, and my attention span deficit, my focus fell on the statue guy to the right of the stage. He was dutifully shaking hands and doling out hugs when not being a statue, but some just weren’t interested.

BBstatue.jpgKid won’t make nice.

Thankfully, Mr. Segal wisely pulled me out of my trance in time to make it to what was to be the apex of both our Monday Bumbershoot experience, Battles. I’d never seen Battles before, but I’d heard plenty of good things about their live show, and they did not dissapoint. Drummer John Stanier’s sparse-but-thunderous drumming is the perfect backdrop for the band’s minimalistic future-rock structures, and the sound at the Broad Street stage was true quality. With the air here containing equal parts marijuana smoke and patchouli, Battles’ precise sound cut through the fog like razor wire.

BBBattles.jpgBattles heal the masses, by Blush Photo

End tally:

Total dollars spent: $13
Total acts seen: 4
Total number of people bumped into: 347
Winner: My new landlord.

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For my money/stomach, Horn of Africa was the booth to eat at this weekend.

Posted by Eric Grandy | September 2, 2008 3:49 PM

For drinks we hopped across the street to that ichiro-plastered sports bar for happy hour. 44 fl oz of beer and $6 later we were ready for Del.

Posted by Andrv | September 2, 2008 9:07 PM

@ 2

Wise move.

Posted by Grant Brissey | September 2, 2008 9:32 PM

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