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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daedelus at the Stranger’s Genius Awards

posted by on September 3 at 11:58 AM

The Stranger Genius Awards scored a real coup by booking Daedelus (Alfred Weisberg Roberts to his accountant). Since 2001, the LA producer’s risen through the IDM/subterranean-hiphop ranks with a prolific stream of releases on excellent labels like Phthalo, Plug Research, Mush, Eastern Developments, and now Ninja Tune for his new Love to Make Music To (album title of the year). Love is Daedelus’ most accessible work yet and it reflects his affection for dance music from the early-’90s, when fun and innovation often went hand in hand (and foot in foot).

But in a live setting, Daedelus is unpredictable, and he could spring any number of styles at you. In a Data Breaker column from 2005, I described Daedelus’ music as “kooky sonic roller coasters” that amount to “court-jester surrealism,” and his performances are as entertaining as those terms suggest.

Daedelus received some internet buzz from his pro-“Obama” track/video and he graces the cover of the current issue of XLR8R, but he’s been grindin’ for years and has a back catalog bursting with gems. Get ready for a (non)serious quirk-out on the dance floor.

The Stranger’s 6th Annual Genius Awards take place Sat. Sept. 13 at Moore Theatre, 1932 Second Ave., 9 pm. For more info on the Stranger Genius Awards, go here.

Daedelus’ “Fairweather Friends” [possibly NSFW]

Daedelus live on the Dublab rooftop

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