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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Decibel Fest Director Recounts His Highlights

posted by on September 30 at 17:10 PM

Sean Horton, Decibel Fest director. Photo by Sami Khoury.

UPDATE: See additional photos below.

You’ve heard Eric and me blather on at some length about Decibel Fest on this blog; now absorb what fest founder/director Sean Horton thought about it.

I asked Horton about attendance figures, but those aren’t available yet. However, he said, “the following showcases hit capacity and were massively successful this year.”

Native State
dB in the Park (easily a 1,000 people through the day, which was what we were permitted for)
Dirty Dancing
Detroit Techno
dB Afterhours (Friday and Saturday at CoB)

Horton cited the following showcases as personal artist highlights (with comments in parentheses), adding that he sadly “missed several acts that I heard were mind blowing.”

Carl Craig (Perfect mixture of old and new house/techno. Favorite set at Neumos.)
Dixon (Favorite DJ set of the festival.)
Flying Lotus (Most animated performer of the festival and incredibly nice guy to boot)
Helios (One of the most talented producers and performers we’ve had at the festival. Highlight of the ambient showcase for me.)
Santiago & Bushido (Totally outshined Deadmau5, IMO.)
dB in the Park (The entire showcase was inspiring as well as eclectic. Def will be bringing this back in 2009 and possibly extending it.)
Cubenx (Best surprise of the festival.)
Balún (Next to Cubenx, 2nd best surprise.)
Stewart Walker (One of the best live dance PAs of the entire festival.)
The Sight Below (Absolutely gorgeous.)
Deaf Center (My 2nd favorite performance of the ambient showcase. haunting and beautiful.)
KiloWatts (Only act I caught from the Native State showcase. One of the most underrated producers in NA.)

“No real disappointments this year,” Horton added. “Wish I could’ve caught the OPTICAL showcases, bRAVE NEW WOLRD, dB BBQ and more of Sole Repair and Baltic Room. Really sad I missed Jahcoozi, but I was performing at the same time across the street.”

Flying Lotus. Photo by Donte Parks.

Supermayer. Photo by Donte Parks.

Balún. Photo by Nathan Feder.

Santiago y Bushido. Photo by Nathan Feder.

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