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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Song About Sarah Palin?

posted by on September 9 at 15:38 PM

Caribou Barbi weigh in on the controversial Republican Vice President candidate with a song titled “Caribou Barbi.” Their pop-rock ditty is musically pleasant and amiable while detailing in sound bites—hers and her supporters’—why she might not be a salubrious addition to the national political landscape (“Sarah Palin will overturn Roe vs. Wade while voting for the death penalty in the same breath”; “She’s a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ before she’s a mayor”; and the refrain goes, “There’s blood in the oil of Alaska”). We’re guessing the whole thing has been approved by Team Obama).


The goal with this tune seems to be to sugarcoat a bitter pill with toe-tapping, accessible music. It’s undeniably catchy and carries a strong message (in a nutshell: Palin’s a Christ-mad, oil-drunk fool), but perhaps it’s not the knockout blow one was hoping for—sonically, anyway.

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