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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jesus, Geist

posted by on September 16 at 10:41 AM

Resident Advisor’s Rich Juzwiak interviews New Jersey techno/electro-pop producer Morgan Geist of Metro Area. The piece probably was assigned to hype Geist’s latest album, Double Night Time (on Geist’s Environ label), a more accessible, song-based effort augmented by vocals by the Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan, but the feature turned into a venting session for the veteran electronic musician.

This passage expresses Geist’s dilemma and angst re: the music industry ca. 2008:

People write me now, like, “Oh, I love the new album.” It’s like saying, “Your mother’s so pretty. I noticed while I was fucking her last night.” Everyone who writes me about the album has taken it from somewhere and there’s no way they’re going to buy it. What do you say to that? “Thanks for complimenting my album that’s not out for three months”?

People are paying attention to my music, and I feel very lucky to be in that situation, but I can’t just sit there and be content with that. I have other people on my label to support. I have my own business costs. It’s all this mundane stuff, but it weighs on you. That’s why I don’t go to sleep at night. That’s why I wake up worrying. It’s hard to make music when that’s your outlook.

He concludes with this sour observation about his new album: “It’s already a bad sign… that both of my parents like it.”

Here’s another interview with Geist.

Morgan Geist’s “Most of All” from Double Night Time

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