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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday: Unsurprisingly Good

posted by on September 2 at 12:07 PM

Monday at Bumbershoot was solid but offered few surprises. I would have loved to have been wowed by Blitzen Trapper and Feral Children, as they were my first-time hopefuls, but found myself unfortunately un-enthused by both their sets (Sorry Dave, but memorable is not how I would describe Feral Children. I found their songs to be a lot of random snacks when all I wanted was a proper meal). Monotonix were too rock and roll for Bumbershoot. Though it was funny that they were the first band Iíve ever seen be asked to stop playing at the festival, it would have been more awesome if, like, they could have kept entertaining the hundreds of people who were eating them up.

bent1.jpgBlack Eyes and Neckties by Chad Syme

Black Eyes and Neckties absolutely killed their radio session for KEXP. Singer Brad Lockhart was sporting a wheelchair and a foot brace, still reeling from his Total Fest tumble. There was a bit of apprehension towards the end of the set as to whether guitarist Josh Holland was going to jump up on the broadcast table and do something stupid to all the KEXP laptops, but thankfully for everyone involved he limited himself to surfing the prop table the band brought along with them.

Battles were the best band of the weekend. They canít help it; theyíre just too good to be anything less. There are too many elements to nerd out on: the skills, the gear, the riffs, the grooves, the inhuman hi-hat/snare prowess of John Stanier. And after a Sunday plagued with terrible mixes thank god Battles were personally on stage a half an hour early tweaking every knob and amp until their sound was perfect. I keep coming back to see them every chance I get and I am never the slightest bit disappointed I did.

Iím sure itís never fun for any band that has to follow them, but Minus the Bear gave it a good effort. Though I was mocked by some of the journalists leaving the backstage area to go see Death Cab, I actually like Minus the Bear. It took a few songs for them to get warmed up, but they always find ways to remind me why Iím still a fan: the tastefully dirty chorus of ďThis Ainít a Surfiní Movie,Ē the exploding start and stops of ďDouble Vision Quest” complete with u-ziq keyboard ending, the still-perfect-after-all-these-years futuristic power ballad ďAbsinthe Party.Ē The Ian Williams/Dave Knudsen DL-4 party was a nice way to finish out the long weekend, even if the bill probably should have been flipped. I’ll take unsurprising, as long as it’s unsurprisingly good.

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I was assaulted by a bumbershoot staff person yesterday.

I bought a poster at flatstock, and I left the festival to go put it in my car for safe keeping. I was walking on the sidewalk, they opened the fence to let in a van or something.

The fence swung open like, 2 feet in front of me, so I stepped to the curb and kept walking a dude in a staff shirt stepped in front of me and said, "Everybody stop" or something similar at this point, we were like a foot apart so I kept walking and
he pushed me.

I stepped down with one foot on the street and I was past him at which point he grabbed me, forcibly and hard from behind by my hoodie and yanked and pulled me into the street.

My hoodie was unzipped if it was zipped I think he would have ripped it, and/or thrown me to the ground in the street
instead I just stumbled and regained my balance.

I was shocked to be grabbed at all, let alone in such a forceful way. I immediately threw my hands up in the air and screamed, "I am on a public sidewalk, you are not a law enforcement officer!" repeatedly.

One of the other staff people said, "Let him go!" and he did finally.

I spun around, still with my hands in the air, and I said, "What are you doing? I am on a public sidewalk!"

He had rage in his eyes and said, "You are/were in in the street impeding traffic." I said, "YOU are NOT a law enforcement officer!" And the only reason I was in the street was because that was the direction that I was forcibly throw by him.

He took two steps towards me, at which point other staff people stepped in and got him away

Posted by JonnyJonnyH | September 2, 2008 1:14 PM

BENT were in fine form at their EMP show.

Posted by tallchris | September 2, 2008 3:11 PM

BENT made fans of me & the lady for sure.

Posted by lar | September 2, 2008 3:19 PM

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