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Monday, September 1, 2008

OMG Myspace is Sooo Funny

posted by on September 1 at 12:11 PM


The premise for the “Myspace Show” isn’t as dumb as the name might imply. It’s an improv comedy act much like Upright Citizens Brigade’s Asssscat (and even features UBS’s Matt Walsh), but instead of basing the improv on a monologue this show gets audience members to show their Myspace profiles on a big screen and while being interviewed by Human Giant’s Paul Scheer, then the details of the page and discussion are turned into long-form impromptu comedy. The first guy that’s picked from the audience turns out to be a minor celebrity himself, a guy by the name of Craig Slike who was “the Mole” on the ABC reality show of the same name. In his interview, Scheer uncovers that Craig has been to the Playboy mansion 5 times and has lots of juicy stories, and that he gave someone the Heimlich in a restaurant the other day, and that he blah blah boring blah blah the whole thing starts to turn into this sincere interview with this grasping non-celeb who is more than happy to have a few hundred people pay attention to him. The whole idea behind this show is to rip on a normal person’s Myspace page, not let some former reality star get on stage and talk himself up for ten minutes. Silke does a good job convincing the audience he’s important - the kid sitting next to me remarks, “This guy’s probably the most famous person here.” I can’t help but think it’s some kind of shitty publicity stunt, but the comedians seem as surprised as anybody that this dude isn’t just anybody, he’s some sort of “somebody.” Thankfully, as soon as the interview ends the rest of the comedians come back on stage and pull off some truly impressive live comedy. UCB does some amazing stuff, but they haven’t been on their A-game at Washington festivals recently: their set at Sasquatch was ruined by Mike Patton and some of their imporv at last year’s Bumbershoot was a bit of a flop. But this show is one of those instances when everything fit together perfectly, with the comedians brilliantly managing to include every last detail of Silke’s ego-patting interview into a non-stop barrage of jokes. Improv comedy requires a unique set of skills, and Paul Scheer and Rob Huemel from Human Giant won big points in my book after demonstrating how funny they can be on the fly. If you’re going to the festival Monday, they are well worth checking out at 4:30 at the Charlotte Martin stage.

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