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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Re: Myspace to Launch New Music Feature Tomorrow

posted by on September 25 at 11:48 AM

Looks like big indie labels like the Beggars Group (4AD, Matador, XL, et al.), Domino, and Koch won’t be joining the MySpace Music party. As they did with commercial radio, the major labels appear to be strong-arming smaller competitors out of potential revenue-enhancing endeavors. Read the following press release for more details.

MySpace Music Launches Without World’s Leading Independent Labels And Artists

Said Charles Caldas CEO Merlin, Global Rights Body For Independent Sector:
“It is incredibly disappointing that MySpace will launch their new service without having finalised a deal with the world’s most important independent labels and artists. It certainly makes Chris DeWolfe’s public statements, that the “indie bands are really the heart of MySpace”, ring extremely hollow.
“What is absolutely clear, however, is that any independent deal struck without an equity component (as was done with the majors), will see independent labels face a situation whereby their major competitors will profit from the use of their repertoire without an appropriate upside opportunity being extended to them by MySpace Music and its Major Label equity partners.
“Whilst Merlin continues our negotiations, we remain extremely concerned that with MySpace Music the major record labels are acting not only as competitors, but through their equity stakes in the venture, as the clients/end user as well. Without an equitable participation by independents, that creates a situation that is both unhealthy and dangerous.
“Merlin, the global rights agency represents the largest basket of rights outside of the majors labels, with a US market share equivalent to that of the smallest majors”

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