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It is lovely to see such interest in the Crocodile, and I donít think anyone will argue with the fact that it is a much-loved piece of Seattleís cultural history.

It is awesome to read peopleís memories, and re-live some of what made the Croc so brilliant. There is a time and a place for nostalgia, and, as Iíve said in other media outlets, the new owners are definitely cognizant of the roomís significant past.

That said, it is important to remember that life, culture, and music all move forward, and you can expect the new venue to reflect that fact.

Folks hoping for a shrine to days gone by should be prepared for this reality: there is very little in that space worth salvaging. I have seen it with my own eyes, and it ainít pretty.

The Crocodile fell on some hard times toward the end of its illustrious run, and very little had been done to improve the space. It has been vacant for almost a year. People love to pee on the windows.

Iíve seen the plans, and they are good. Jim Anderson, a wizard behind the board, will continue to make that room sound fantastic. Sightlines will be improved, and there are some good surprises in store. You will be able to eat delicious pizza next door. I think folks will be pleased.

And, most importantly, Seattle will have another venue for bands to play in. Running a live music venue is a tough business, and so is getting onstage and pouring out your guts. I admire anyone that even gives it a shot.

There will be plenty of folks that will be mad that the club doesnít look exactly the way it was the last time they were there, but there are also plenty of folks that are still mad that you canít smoke inside, and that Candlebox isnít headlining.

Stuff changes. Itís not always bad.

Whether the new owners find a home for the disgusting and decrepit snakes that hung from the ceiling remains to be seen. What really matters is that our music scene continues to thrive, and that folks continue to take chances on their art, their passions, and their livelihoods.

And, yeah, Iím doing PR for the joint. But these words come from my perspective, not necessarily the clubís (although they certainly echo these sentiments).

Iíve had a fucking blast in that space, many many many times, and I look forward to what the future holds.

Thanks to everyone for the support and interest. See you at the opening.

Posted by kerri harrop | September 10, 2008 3:55 PM

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