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yawnsters. "We are a great city for music, and will be greater!"

how so? Talking shit on a better market (Austin) isn't going to do it. Bragging about Amazon, Boeing, and Nordstroms? whoop-de-fucking-do.

Nickels name dropping Death Cab was cute, I'm sure if they were a young up-and-comer now they would get noise violated at Chop Suey or fire marshal violated at Neumo's.

Posted by Postum | October 29, 2008 10:04 PM

New Faces ended up playing it with some other bands. Report is...pretty much a bunch of old, entrenched suits looking for "grants".

The 'vision" of the music industry that I remember bringing world attention, creativity and money to the area was one in which flyers were posted on every telephone pole, bands were allowed to have a beer onstage, clubs actually booked good bills with some thought instead of relying on whatever “band of 4” was on tour or some pay to play booking, and you came home smelling like cheap whiskey, cheaper women, cigarettes, with ears ringing, even if you didn’t drink, smoke or have sex.

Things like this are what built grunge and attracted BILLIONS of dollars to the area, and put the city, musically, on the map. That CANNOT be recreated via “economic development”, grants and regulation. We have seen the results of what the suits have brought to the local rock music scene and in no way can they create what they seek anymore than strapping on a plastic video game guitar can give you the feeling of playing a packed show in front of a bunch of insane kids.

Wait a sec…was just told that pretty much half of the room was filled with the nerds that couldn’t get a date in HS. To the “powers” that were in the room, don’t even try. You’re of same mind as the people that called rock and roll “dangerous” in the 60’s, and can never create the same impact as a bunch of kids who are passionate. They don’t need your help other than to stay out of the way. To the real “rock” in the room…shame on you for not stealing their women.

Posted by adam smasher | October 30, 2008 6:21 AM

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