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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Also Tonight: The Toxic Avenger vs. The Toxic Avenger

posted by on October 29 at 12:54 PM

Without a television in the house, my television-watching habits have been reduced to an occasional late-night visit to, a website filled with streaming feature-length films (mostly terrible but not without a few gems), tv programs (The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert!), and scene clips of the movies you’d rather watch than the ones you’re being offered.

In the thick of Halloween fever last night, I longed for some really cheesy gore. So I was happy to discover Hulu had perhaps the finest video stink, Troma Film’s classic c-class horror flick, The Toxic Avenger. I was revisited to a time when I was the mildly-retarded mop boy mocked by testosterone-fueled jocks, who fell into an open drum of toxic waste and became the ultimate freak to fear. It’s a movie that’s almost impossible to fall asleep to.

Coincidentally, there’s another Toxic Avenger that’s almost impossible to fall asleep to, French DJ The Toxic Avenger. Tonight, he’ll make an appearance at Chop Suey along with Franki Chan as part of the IHEARTCOMIX USA Tour 2008 (really just an excuse to distribute more of those free Scion mix CDs they recently took part in making). Toxic Avenger’s music is as hastily put-together as the Troma film of the same name, with little-to-no acting. It’s hyper-French-electro that makes you feel a little deformed, and like you’ve suffered years of abuse in just under an hour.

So take your pick: The Toxic Avenger in the the comfort and privacy of your own home, or The Toxic Avenger in a venue filled with dizzying outfits and terrible haircuts.

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