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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bangfest Feat. Ludachrist & Mad Rad at Chop Suey Oct. 16

posted by on October 15 at 12:46 PM

We didn’t have space in this week’s issue to cover Bangfest in much depth, but you may want to check out this all-ages show tomorrow at Chop Suey, hosted by United House Front DJs Jizosh, Swank, OK Dave, and Hannibal.

LA/NYC duo Ludachrist put pop music of many stripes and club bangers of many styles in a blender (e.g., New Order’s “Blue Monday” merged with Rick Ross’ “Everyday I’m Hustlin’”; the Eagles mashed with Lil Jon for “Hotel Crunkifornia”) while wearing goofy costumes. Hilarity and partying ensue.

Seattle’s Mad Rad will be celebrating the release of their White Gold album. If nothing else, you have to give Mad Rad (or their street team) credit for their posters hyping White Gold that blanket every available surface on Capitol Hill. What I’ve heard by Mad Rad sounds like the sort of faux-bling party rap and new-wave/electro miscegenation that brings to mind, toot sweet, Bolivian marching powder and and jauntily tilted ballcaps.

Overall, this bill sounds like a menu for youthful indiscretions and exceptional debauchery. Bring some protection…

Mad Rad’s “Super Dope!”

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