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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get Loweded Got Apocalyptic

posted by on October 21 at 11:48 AM

Every third Monday at Re-Bar Get Loweded presents Get Apocalyptic, the drinking game / variety show where there are prizes, videos, music, comedy, and sex dances. The apocalypse has arrived. Jackson Lowe preached. Little Becky Poole played an amplified saw that was fed through effects. Danielle Radford held a Star Wars trivia contest against a mutant. The mutant spat green bile. Evilyn Sin Claire grew a hose cock and got it on with an old school robot with faucet dick. Concoction shots were doled out from the bar. 3-D movies were shown. A guy and a girl were picked out of the crowd, put to the side of the stage, and fed all they could drink. Then they hooked up in a tent, to repopulate the world.

It was a riled up night. Cabaret activity set to Pabst. Y’all need to see this next month. Get Loweded needs to be seen and partaken in. You won’t be sorry. Here’s a gander:

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These guys are god damn brilliant! i am soooo not going to miss the next one!

Posted by j9 fierce | October 21, 2008 3:48 PM

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